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  1. I have just finished reading the August 2020 Members Bulletin for The Chepstow Society.
    I came across the article by searching on line for Arthur Gill of Chepstow. Arthur was the Clerk to the CDU in in 1939 and for many years after was a presence in the community.
    Arthur Gill was my uncle and came from a well known Northallerton family He must have done quite well for himself as in 1939 he was only 28 years of age. Although I saw him only occasionally he was always, each visit was always full of energy.
    Alan Gill
    Toronto, Canada

  2. Hello Chepstow Society,
    I have just read through your published booklet: ‘The Chepstow story’ and have been looking at some Francis Frith photos of Chepstow and now I really wish we had ventured into Chepstow town, when visiting Monmouthshire from Australia in 2019. (Another trip needs to be planned!)

    I wonder if anyone at the society is aware of an old shop in one of the main streets of Chepstow; the Barton grocer shop from around the 1940’s and 1950’s. I think Stanley Barton may have run the shop with his sister Dorothy helping out as a shop assistant. Stanley was married to Doris May Barton and they had a son John S. Barton who may also have worked in the family shop.
    I would love to know where the Barton grocer was located.
    Thanks for your time reading this,
    Kind Regards,

    1. Hi Sally. I wasn’t here then, but I’ve shared your question to our Facebook page, so for any replies it would be best to check there – or email me via the Contact page and I can pass comments on.
      UPDATE: The consensus from several contributors on social media sites is that Stanley Barton’s shop was an electrical and cycle shop – not a grocer’s – that was originally in Albion Square and then moved to below the Arch in the High Street.

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