Chepstow – Cas-Gwent in Welsh – is a historic walled town in South East Wales. 

Sitting on the River Wye, which forms the border with England just over the picturesque 1816 iron bridge, it is probably best known for its castle – the oldest stone-built castle in the country – and its racecourse.

But it has much more to offer.   Historically, it commanded the entrance to the River Wye and was an important trading and shipbuilding port – activities which lasted well into the 20th century.   A stronghold of the Norman conquest, it became a centre for the wine trade and later for the export of timber and bark for the English navy.  As the castle fell into ruin, the town was an important stop on the Wye Tour, the start of the British tourist industry. 

As well as its castle, Port Wall and priory church, the town has many buildings dating from the period of its greatest prosperity, in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Its picturesque river and castle were painted by Turner and many others, and it remains an attractive town today. 


We are a local voluntary group, formed in 1948 to explore and promote the remarkable history of the town and to keep an eye on new developments.

The Chepstow Society has been active in placing the pavement and wall plaques around the town. and has published many books and pamphlets on the town’s ancient and more recent history.

In normal times, we meet on the third Wednesday of each month (except August and December) in the Drill Hall in Chepstow, to hear a talk of local and/or historical interest, and hear about changes in the town and surrounding area.

The Society is a friendly and socially active group, and welcomes new members.  As well as meeting regularly, we also organise tours and excursions (when regulations permit).

At present, because of the COVID-19 restrictions, our regular monthly meetings take place via Zoom.   

We also have quarterly Zoom meetings with local councillors and others to discuss matters affecting the area.

Membership for the year from 1st April 2021 is £10 per person.  For membership details please click here.

Please look through this website to see what is in store – maybe we’ll meet you in the Drill Hall later in the year?

Objects of the Society

  1. To advance education by the study of local and natural history in the town and hinterland of Chepstow.
  2. To encourage the preservation, development and improvement of the features of general public amenity or historical interest.
  3. To stimulate public interest in, and care for, the beauty, history and character of the area and stimulate cultural activities therein.

Are you willing to help?

The Chepstow Society is organised by a small and (usually!) friendly committee. We are always looking for people to provide new input to that group. In particular, we would welcome members who can contribute on environmental matters; or help to design publicity material; or help involve younger residents in our activities.

Local residents who are members of the Society, or would be happy to think about joining to help us contribute to our core objectives, are urged to contact the Society through this website, or the Society’s Facebook page.

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