All current Chepstow Society publications are available:

A Walk Around Chepstow
This 9-mile walk guides you from the town centre through the historic sites of Bulwark, Thornwell and Mathern to the Severn estuary at St Pierre, and back via Mounton and Piercefield to Chepstow.
Price £1.00
The Chepstow Story
This provides an introduction to the town’s history.
Price £3.00
Chepstow Town Trail
This follows the heritage trail around the town centre, with information on its historic buildings.
Price £3.00
Chepstow to Tintern and Return
This guides walkers from the town to Tintern Abbey and back using the Wye Valley Walk and Offa’s Dyke Path.
Price £1.00
Shipyards, Scandal and Pigstyes
This covers the founding of Chepstow’s National Shipyard in the First World War and the resulting changes to the town.
Price £2.50
Wartime Memories
Produced with the aid of a grant from the Millennium Lottery Fund, this contains extracts from the memories of some 80 local residents, with images of memorabilia of the Second World War.
Price £6.95
Thomas Street
Written by local resident Steve Ryan, this sets out memories of a town centre community before it was cleared and redeveloped.
Price £3.95
The George and the Gate
This contains two monographs by Society founder Ivor Waters on the Town Gate and adjoining George Hotel, supplemented by updated material.
Price £4.95