Isle of Wight Holiday

20 Apr 2014 by david
Report on Holiday

 Ocean Hotel, Sandown Isle of Whight

Image c.s.-i.o.w.-april-2014-001.jpg

Due to the excellent organisation of Sally and Keith James, including the weather. 26 members of the Society were able to enjoy a 5 day, 4 night trip with James Bevan to the island

The hotel provided the ideal base for our two day tour of the island with driver Mike giving an enthusiastic and knowledgable history etc. of the many places of interest we visited (although he had to wait until the result of a quiz organised by Keith was announced. The winners were Chris and Rosemary Penrose team with 16 out of 20. Well done team and thank you Keith for setting the tone of this very friendly time together

Our last day of freedom was spent in a varity of ways, some of us walking, others taking a boat trip, whilst others visited Carisbrooke Castle, or took the bus to other town, and some just relaxed on the 6 mile of sandy beach immediatly opposite the hotel

On behalf of Janet and myself and I know I speak for the rest of you a very big thank you to Sally and Keith for providing such a wecome break. We await with abated breath your next delectations for us


Image c.s.-i.o.w.-april-2014-007.jpgImage c.s.-i.o.w.-april-2014-013.jpgImage c.s.-i.o.w.-april-2014-029.jpg

Image c.s.-i.o.w.-april-2014-050.jpgImage c.s.-i.o.w.-april-2014-030.jpg

Image c.s.-i.o.w.-april-2014-044.jpgImage c.s.-i.o.w.-april-2014-073.jpgImage c.s.-i.o.w.-april-2014-016.jpg

Just a few of my photographs. If others have taken some can we do a collage for a future general meeting

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