Montacute House & Barrington Court

by david

The last of our spring visits organized by Sallie and Keith James, has brought to an end a series of succesful visits to historic houses and gardens which have featured recently in films and television drama.As both a historic and educational society, it has provided the membership with an opportunity to see at close quaters these mostly national trust properties.

Being so successful, invevitable some members have been disappointed at not being able to book a place on the 17 seater mini bus, driven by Keith and Sallie. Taking over as joint convenors they have been very careful in trying to gauge what members would support and in what numbers. In the event ever trip has been fully subscribed with reserve members on the list. It may be that come the Autumn and Winter programmee if MEMBERS support in sufficient numbers, then a coach could be used, but remember COST is an important factor. So if you wish to participate you must support wholeheartedly

Now to this visit. Our first destination was one of the settings for Wolf Hall, Montacute House, where staff members gave us an insite to the filming and its many problems when using candles etc.With the aid of printed guides and maps provided by the National Trust we were all trying to remember what scene took place and where.An enjoyable tour both internally and externally, with interules for coffee and lunch


Image p1050565.jpgImage p1050603.jpg

Image p1050576.jpgImage p1050581.jpg

After lunch we went to see the other house to be used for Wolf Hall, Barrington Court, which many will know for being an empty house with wounderful oak panneling etc. Again staff were on hand to give us leaflet and maps allowing us to trace the scene against the rooms. The gardens are of particular quality and well worth a visit for them alone. Prior to heading for home afternoon tea and a visit to the craft shops was taken

Image p1050628.jpgImage p1050631.jpg

Image p1050633.jpgImage p1050638.jpg

Link to a video I produced:

Sallie and Keith are now of for a well earned rest. See you again in the autmn

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