Brockhampton Court

by david

Society excursion to Brockhampton Court on Saturday 6th December 2014

Our second excursion organised by Sallie and Keith James to Brockhampton Court on a chilly but sunny Saturday, using a 17 seater bus with Sally and Keith being our drivers, both excellent. The bus was full

We stopped at Gloucester Services for coffee and to allow Mrs Middleditch some "shopping "time.

Image brockhampton-c.s.dec-2014-001-(300x225).jpgOur leaders.

Image brockhampton-c.s.dec-2014-004-(300x225).jpg The gang

On our arrival at Brockhampton Court a National Trust property we were met and logged in. The sandwich order taken and returning the the bus drove down to the house, where our arrival had been notified and taken through the entrance to the house where our offical guide met us and gave us a guided tour of this 12th century moated house with its fancy gathouse and adjacent church dating from the anglo saxon times with a norman addition. Although it now appears to be in the "wilds", the house was on the main  pilgrim route from Scotland to St David's, and the salt roadOrigenally built by John Domulton a decendent of the Brockhampton family who lived on the site from the 12th century

 Image brockhampton-c.s.dec-2014-006-(300x225).jpg Brockhampton Court with its wonderful gatehouse spanning the moat.

Image brockhampton-c.s.dec-2014-011-(300x225).jpgThe church used by pilgrims on their way to and from St David's

Image brockhampton-c.s.dec-2014-006-(300x225).jpgImage brockhampton-c.s.dec-2014-032-(300x225).jpgImage brockhampton-c.s.dec-2014-021-(300x225).jpg

Image brockhampton-c.s.dec-2014-018-(225x300).jpg A very rare Serbis tree

Image brockhampton-c.s.dec-2014-025-(300x225).jpg The bottom 3 visable course are bricks made in a kiln on site in around 1464. They are of the old Roman type, and it is believed they were part of the base of the kitchen which would have been built away but near to the main house, which being of timber would a burt down in case of a fire from the kitchen fire

Image brockhampton-c.s.dec-2014-013-(300x225).jpg Middle age dance group (No neither Keith or Harry were dancing !!)

After a memorable time we headed home, stopping at Labels for a warming cup of tea. Many thanks Sallie and Keith. Yet another success. We look forward to 2015

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