Excursion Friday 4th September 2014

by david




Members of Chepstow Society who partook of an excursion on Friday 4th September 2014, organised by the excursions joint secretaries Keith and Sallie James

Keith hired and drove a 17 seated mini bus taking the party first the St Mary the Virgin, Llanfair Kilgeddin, to view an outstanding Arts and Craft church, which we had previously received a lecture about, but to see it in “real time” was a fantastic opportunity. All agreeing as to its splendour and rich interpretation of local life at that period related to the bible stories

The following taken from Wikipedia

“The church is located on farmland close to the river, about 1 mile north of the village. It was originally medieval but was rebuilt in 1875-76 by the architect John Dando Sedding,[2] commissioned by the local rector, Rev. William John Coussmaker Lindsay (1832-1912).[3] The church now contains some mediaeval features including a font, but is best known for its Arts and Crafts style sgraffito decorations which cover the interior walls. These were commissioned by Lindsay at a cost of £500 in memory of his wife Rosamund, and designed by Heywood Sumner.[4] Taking the Benedicite as his theme, Sumner used thin layers of different coloured plaster cut back to reveal colour underneath. His designs included local features, including the River Usk, the Sugar Loaf and nearby Llanvihangel Gobion church tower. Sumner's work was completed in 1888.[5][6]




From the church to Abergavenny for lunch and to visit the museum to view the other pictures of Llanthony Priory, painted by Turner, Piper and other, making up with Chepstow Museum pictures of Tintern Abbey a chance to see gather on two site painting by the masters of both

Then to Llanthony Priory a former Augstinian Prioryu in the secluded Vale of Ewyas, before making our way to Raglan Garden Centre for afternoon tea, and back to the leisure centre on what all agreed had been an excellent day



Many thanks to Keith and Sallie


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