by david

Croome Park-Worcestershire

The house and gardens were the brainchild of the 6th Earl of Coventry (George William).The garden was the first 18th century landscape garden,described as Britain's greatest contribution to the visual arts
The earl commissioned Capability Brown,Robert Adams and James Wyatt to provide him with a house and gardens to match his vision. Capability Brown arrived in 1752 to design and build the gardens, removing the old church and building a new one on the adjacent hill, and demolishing cottages blocking the view and rebuilding them in a nearby village. Robert Adams designed the interior of the house and church, whilst James Wyatt also carried out alterations and rebuilding of some of Adams work
Whilst both the house and gardens are under restoration by the National Trust, both are worthy of a day,s visit, coupled with the memories artifacts and special events of the military connections during the second world war

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