Llancaiach Fawr Manor

by david
The Society latest visit was to Llanciach Fawr Manor sitting in the heart of the Rhymney Valley, South Wales, an early Th century fortified manor house, which was the home of the Pritchard family from 1521 to 1649
The house is now used for public educational visits, enabling with the aid of the staff dressed in the costumes of 1645 and speaking in the old English language, to tell the story of Edward Prichard a Welsh Baptist an his religious struggle with the established church, the King and the reformation
The story beautifully told over some two hours enthralled the members, adding much to the knowledge of the struggles in that period. An illustrated book at 1 provides a lasting reminder of what was seen and heard
The tour was followed by "high tea" much appreciated with its range of sandwiches, scones cream and jam and cakes with copious amounts of tea and coffee


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