Open Doors 2011

by david

The Society participated in the European Open Doors scheme on the weekend of 17th & 18th September 2011

The Gate and Gate House

On Saturday 17th September Members of the Society guided members of the public around the two buildings explaining the historical significance of both buildings and the important personage connected with them. The society were delighted to receive and guide significant numbers of the general public around

The three guides Keith Underwood, Henry Hodges and David Barber

 Publication Secretary Guy Hamilton who led the team of helpers, pictured with Henry Hodges

 Eileen Grassby in period costume of the early 17th century receiving members of the public and arranging the tours

 Anne Robinson and Rosalie Hodges society stalwarts

helping with the sales of society publications and communicating with the public about Open Doors

 Members of the team on the lookout for prospective clients

 Members of the public with two of the guides Keith Underwood and Henry Hodges

Sunday 18th September 2011

For the first time within the Open Doors scheme the Drill Hall was opened to the public to view and have expert explanations of the murals and there significance to Chepstow

 Keith Underwood the local artist and member of the society who was commissioned by Monmouthshire County Council to provide the murals at the time of a major renovation of the Drill Hall in  the early 1990,s. Keith gave the first presentation i n 1992

 Guides suitable dressed in period costume

 The Murals

 Visiting members of the public

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