Society Summer Social

by david

The Society Summer Social

The Mayor of Chepstow, Councillor Henry Hodges Opens the Society Summer Social

  The Mayor Henry Hodges welcomes Geoffrey Sumner Chairman Of The Chepstow Society to The society summer social at Chepstow Castle

The Mayor of Chepstow Councillor Henry Hodges welcomed members and guests of the society to Chepstow Castle for their annual summer social on Sunday 7th August

In his address, he spoke warmly of the hard work put in by the organizers Eileen Grassby and Keith Underwood. The castle provided an historical backdrop to the event, and he wished the company present a warm welcome

 Keith Underwood dressed as the castle steward of about the late 12th century for which he was responsible. The heiress who being only 7 years of age required a large retinue to look after her interests

  In his role, he spoke of the newly refurbished grand hall where they were assembled, but a hundred hence at the time of Roger Bigod describing the decorations and shields of the family and the king Edward 1, who with his court paid a visit whilst on one of his tours of the kingdom. Roger was the wealthiest man in the kingdom, his fortune being even larger than the Moguls of to day. He displayed the weapons used in that period, showed the furniture, and the "toilet facilities" which members present unfortunately could not use due to the modern day "health and safety"

  Members descending from the grand hall to begin there guided tour of the castle

Keith then took the members on a guided tour of the castle, before they all repaired back to the hall and ground floor rooms being covered, keeping the members dry from the rain which had descended,to enjoy a delicious buffet provided by Noelle & Claire Graham of "Two Cook" caterers

The rain failed to dampen the members enjoyment even though it called for some dashing through the rain to collect plates and seconds of food laid out

 The Mayor and wife Rosalie

  The members echoed the mayors thanks to Eileen and Keith for yet another wonderful evening

 Eileen what are you up to with vice-chairman David Lindo




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