Open Doors 2010

by david

Open Doors and European Heritage Weekend- September 2nd & 3rd 2010


The Society again hosted the Open Doors scheme on behalf of CADW and Chepstow Town Council on the Saturday and Sunday of the first weekend of the month

The weather affect those attending to some extent on the Sunday, but overall more than 130 people passed through the doors.They ranged from the Mayor and her consort,a Hilton Hotel,s Group on an historic visit to Chepstow, German student, a New Zealand visitor and families with goodly numbers of children. We also welcomed senior visitors from outside the area who either spent their childhood or worked at the "docks" from the 60,s to the 80,s in Chepstow. It was also pleasant to welcome local citizens who have wanted the opportunity to visit these two historic buildings which are only open to the general public once per year

As is usual the guides were dressed in appropriate dress of the early 17th century. This year David Barber,Henry Hodges, Keith James, Harry Middlditch and Keith Underwood were the dressed guides

As always they were supported by other members of the society selling books etc and welcoming the visitors

The photographs show Keith James, Henry Hodges,Keith James and Ann Lleyellin


A full report to appear in the Free Press

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